Cardi B’s Famous Catsuit Is Now For Sale

There is no argument that Cardi B has had some stellar looks. Who can forget her ventures into the archival world, such as her over-the-top pieces by Thierry Mugler and uber-collectable Jean Paul Gaultier outfits? But her claim to sartorial fame doesn’t begin or end with those. Look back to June 2019 at the Bonnaroo festival: At the time, Cardi B performed in a glittering body-skimming catsuit which split down the backside onstage. Fast forward a year later, the catsuit is now a piece of history and is very much for sale.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

While the piece itself is visually compelling—hey, it’s a work of glittering art—the story behind it makes for a true Cardi B devil-may-care moment. For the uninitiated, the look ripped after the entertainer jumped down from a platform. Instead of slinking away for the rest of her set, Cardi B’s solution was quick-thinking, easy, and accessible: She briefly went backstage to change and stepped out for the next song in a white bathrobe robe. While onstage, she even remixed the look in her own way and tied the top of the robe at the waist to reveal a strapless bra. Leave it to Cardi to give a whole new meaning to robe dressing.

The catsuit, rip and all, will be auctioned on June 25 courtesy of Nate D. Sanders Auctions and will have a starting bid at $8,000.

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